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We are a company specialized in software development and business apps for all industries.

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Mobile Apps

Premier quality in development for Android and iOS.

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Software Solutions

Architecture, prototyping, performance analysis and specialized training.

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Line of Business Applications

Agile methodologies + Technological capabilities = High added value projects.

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Web Development

Industry standard technologies for accessible and ready-to-use solutions.


What's New: CRI

What's New is a platform to manage grades, assignments, student attendance, make payments and invoices. Aimed at educational institutions to improve communication. More information at: whatsnewcri.mx

Whats New: CRI


It's a tool that arises from the need to provide efficient and easily accessible security systems for the productive sector. Odavision integrates facial recognition algorithms to help identify potential threats.

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We partner with our clients to offer technological solutions to different types of companies, taking their current processes, modernizing them and implementing creative ideas to solve specific problems.

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